Mission Statement

What matters to me

I have been working in the field of publishing for over
20 years now, and it is as important to me as ever to provide readers with knowledge and information, to inspire them, help them access the sources of wisdom, or simply give them a few useful things to make life easier – such as a cook book, or perhaps a travel guide!

Books are like a travel guide for life. I aim to make the books that I help to create something that will help the reader to find orientation in the world. A guide to being happy - that would be my favourite project! But until that actually exists, I hope that my clients and readers simply enjoy my products.

What I would like to achieve

  • May I always find the right words and the right tone
  • May I always take up the right subject at the right time.
  • May the projects we collaborate on be based on mutual trust and respect.
  • May I never allow economy to become more important that the responsibility for all involved.
  • May I never forget that creativity and productivity can only exist in harmony with each other.