Book production

Whether an existing book is to be revised, updated or translated, or incomplete material put into a form that can be used, as the provider of publishing services we can offer you either the complete packaging and project management in accordance with your publishing requirements, or individual stages in the production sequence such as editing, layout or proofreading.

It is important to us that we carry out our clients’ requirements and offer the best possible quality.

Book packaging to publisher’s requirements

From the idea to the finished book: if you like, we will arrange authors for you, take care of the editing, translation and proofreading of finished manuscripts, design an impressive layout, do the typesetting and provide you with the ready-to-use print data – or the finished book.

Multilingual book editions

If a book is to be printed containing several languages, you can rely on our layout experience with tasks such as this. If you only have the text in one language, we will be pleased to arrange for translations into any European language including Russian, as well as many non-European languages including Arabic, Japanese and Chinese.

Foreign language book editions, also in foreign scripts

We produce books not only in German but also in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. Foreign scripts do not pose a problem either. This means that larger print runs can be produced in several languages at better prices.

Classic production including printing and binding in Europe and Asia (packaging)

We will tender for the printing and binding services for you if you wish to receive complete books from us. We work with producers in Europe and Asia.