About SAW

SAW Communications was founded in January 1998 as SWB Communications in Marbach am Neckar. The company relocated to Mainz in 2001 and was renamed in 2004.

My life with books

I am a book person. For as long as I can remember, books and I have been inseparable. I went to sleep with books, woke up with books, and spent the days reading. I had soon worked my way through the school library and the town’s children’s library, so I was able to move on to the adult section – strictly censored, of course. And for a long time, I still liked to be read to before I went to sleep – from my grandmother’s "Brockhaus" encyclopaedia. My favourite entries: the development of the bicycle, Kaspar Hauser, elephants, and the life of Eskimos.

However, despite what you may think, books were not my only interest. I was also fascinated by technology. When I wasn’t reading, I submerged myself in the mysteries of domestic technology. I dismantled alarm clocks, vacuum cleaners, toasters and radios, and then tried to put them back together again – not always with the desired success, I must admit. However, in my own defence I have to say that the bells on the alarm clocks all went off again – even if some of the clocks no longer worked.

Never, during all my time at school, did I ever imagine that I would one day find a job that combined my two passions, but then my first PC added joy and new perspectives to my life. The magic words were "desktop publishing", and that was what opened the door to book production for me. And printing! How wonderful are these fabulous machines that produce vast quantities of books!

I am so happy that books and technology have been fused together in our time to create a new unit. Even though "Readers" and "eBooks" and "Pods" and "Pads" are only the beginning, I see them as the dawning of a whole new era in reading. No, it’s not the end of stories and tranquil evenings spent reading; rather, it is an extension of what reading can mean! And so I launch myself into a new adventure, as a pathfinder of digitalisation.

But there’s one thing I almost forgot to mention. Only because to me, it is so obvious: it’s always the content that’s important to me. Reading and learning are inseparable. You can get to know the whole world through reading. What better base could there be for tolerance and a harmonious coexistence – for large and small – than the ability to see things from a different perspective and put oneself in another person’s position? And what could be of more help in that than a book – or an eBook?